Article: More Africans Walk Towards Financial Freedom Due To Cryptocurrencies

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More Africans Walk Towards Financial Freedom Due To Cryptocurrencies

The potential of African youth has been growing for a very long time, and now, when more and more young talents appear in Africa, the world is beginning to pay attention to it as a new favorable market for cryptocurrencies. In the cryptocurrency community, there was even an opinion that the “golden cryptocurrency age” of African development had begun.

Blockchain technology can provide people who have never used banking services with access to various services. For example, using dApps, people can get access to new ways to save money and pay bills, get loans, sell their own goods and services, and also get the opportunity to create their own applications or tools based on the blockchain. Instead of subjecting their financial assets to inflation, people can use stable digital assets, which allows them to gain more control over their funds and abandon a centralized system that does not provide any benefits.

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Article: DeFi Is the New Lemonade Stand

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DeFi Is the New Lemonade StandDeFi Is the New Lemonade Stand

The current decentralized finance () trend may be capable of turning the tide. As an industry, it brings  and products to the entire world by removing intermediaries and gatekeepers altogether. As financial access can boost local society’s living quality and prosperity, it is paramount to bring these tools to as many people as possible.

More importantly, the time has come to address the most significant issue in centralized finance: Too few people are in control. When a consumer deposits funds at a bank, they essentially give up any control over that .  The same idea applies to investing, where most people will do so through an account manager or financial expert, relenting control over their funds.

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