Article: Open Source: More Dominant Than You Think

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Open Source: More Dominant Than You Think

Simply, open source software is software that is licensed in a way that allows people to freely use, study, modify, and distribute the software. These open source licenses differ greatly from proprietary software licenses, where only the original owner can copy, alter, or distribute the software.

Since open source refers to a wide variety of software programs, the use cases vary greatly. However, a Red Hat open source enterprise report found open source software is critical to infrastructure networks.

95% of respondents said open source software was strategically important to the enterprise’s overall infrastructure strategy, up from 89% in 2019. Only 42% of respondents report using proprietary software, down from 55% in 2019 and respondents expect that to keep falling — this number is expected to be down to just 32% in two years.

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Article: Leaving the Social Media Stockyard

Decentralized Internet

Leaving the Social Media Stockyard

Is it too late to return to the promise of a better, more decentralized Internet? Not yet, if we take a stand by returning to the blogosphere. Seriously. Anyone who can navigate posting and commenting on Twitter or Facebook, can post to a blog and do so for free with blog hosts like

It is time we took back control. A healthier Internet need not be free of social media, but it must have far more decentralized interaction from us, so social providers have to actually compete for our attention. The blogosphere offers the path to that better Internet.

And, in the meantime, freed from bondage to rage-inducing algorithms, the process will likely keep your blood pressure more in check, too.

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Article: Why choose a free website builder?

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Why choose a free website builder?

Creating a website by yourself without the help of a developer has become increasingly simple in recent years, and the best website builders enable you to come up with a professional product in a matter of minutes. There are many options out there, and many of which you have to pay for – but could a free website builder provide you with the tools you need to achieve similar results?

In this article, we’ll run through some of the key features available in some of the industry’s leading free website building platforms. By the end, you’ll know what to look out for, and when to choose a free website builder or opt for a paid-for alternative.

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Article: GazeTV Launches Blockchain-Powered Social Entertainment Platform That Puts Creators First

Blockchain, Media

GazeTV Launches Blockchain-Powered Social Entertainment Platform That Puts Creators First

GazeTV leverages blockchain fundamentals and the GAZE token to tackle this challenge by letting users compensate creators based on their own preferences and tastes. The process eliminates the intermediary that determines creator compensation on traditional platforms, such as YouTube, and fosters a more transparent environment for all involved. Creators can track rewards and viewership, by earning, staking and swapping GAZE tokens, resulting in faster content-revenue distribution. GazeTV converts “users” into a global, engaged community.

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Article: Firework’s leading Web 3.0

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Firework’s leading Web 3.0

With Firework, you have a chance to deliver an experience that is similar to that of a social media, without really having to develop anything that creates a dent on your budgets. Firework upgrades simple websites and transforms them to mobile friendly web assets that deliver app-like seamlessness and immersive experience, powers the website with vertical short video storytelling capability with an unmatchable e-commerce experience that drives business revenue and consumer delight.

Web 3.0 is certainly about decentralised internet that will democratise the web. However, if businesses fail to offer an upgraded user experience then the might socials will continue to dictate the digital economy and the open web will cease to exist.

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Article: We Open-Sourced our Encryption Software: Here’s Why

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We Open-Sourced our Encryption Software: Here’s Why

In the past, great ideas were hoarded.

People spent an incredible amount of time and resources protecting their intellectual property from “thought thieves”. An idea was born, and kept safely hidden from the world until slapped with a patent.

But ideas are not a finite resource that should be locked away. When ideas are left to grow in the dark, they cannot flourish.

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Steven Vernaecke: Migration Thoughts

Operating Systems

Altough i agree with Luke on a technical perspective. in my oppinion Wix is just silly amateur stuff not fit for the vision of Robert.

We must also approach this from a usability angle. If Robert’s webmaster is able to provide his own hardware server equipment, then you can do this. The stuff with creating VM’s is just not workable for Robert alone.

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Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton: Migrating Away from Microsoft

Censorship, Deplatforming, Hate Speech, Office Applications, Operating Systems

Robert to Luke:

Zionists recently got Microsoft to introduce hate speech terms, so they can turn the brakes off on my cyber car anytime the Zionists want to pull the trigger.  Am getting fed up with all the bullshit. We need Web 3.0 sooner than later including substitutes for Microsoft and WordPress.

Luke responds to Robert:

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Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton: Migrating Away from WordPress


In answer to the question, should I migrate away from WordPress now?

Do not migrate to Wix or any other; do make provision for WordPress’s massive security issues; do plan for migration in the future.

wordpress is the “easiest” to get started with. you do not need to rely on a company to host it: it *is* possible to host it yourself, but holy s*** is it one hell of a lot of code.

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