Article: Open data

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Open data

Open data primarily serves to make the information collected and processed by various public administration bodies transparent, easily accessible and reusable.

Information is necessary in every type of activity, it powers the society and encourages creativity in public administration, economy, tourism, culture, science or some other field.

The data opening will much faster and easier provide answers to questions: Where and how much it is spent? Where and how much it is polluted? Where and how much is produced? What and how are they produced? How much of a something is there and where, etc. With the possibility to download, distribute, customize, and link to other data, they can be integrated into business processes, products, and services, thus creating the added value. They encourage innovation in the creation of commercial and non-commercial applications, in the service of public, private, scientific and civil sectors.

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Article: ESG Investing In Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Decoded

Blockchain, Innovation, Web 3.0

ESG Investing In Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Decoded

While more people are becoming aware of Bitcoin, not everyone understands blockchain technology and what it can do, said Mark Cachia CEO of Vienna-based Scytale Ventures, which has been investing in the technology and believes in a Web 3 vision that includes a decentralized, verifiable and more secure Internet enabled by blockchain technology.

“Right now, it’s very fragmented,” Cachia said. “What does it mean to have a self-sovereign thing living on the Internet with no particular jurisdiction and no employees? Governments don’t know how to deal with it yet.

“As more useful and impactful blockchain protocols gain prominence, that will mark the turning point for public awareness,” he said. “Public awareness of blockchain protocols will mirror the protocols that power the Internet, TCP/IP.”

A set of standardized rules, TCP/IP, which stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, allows computers to communicate on a network such as the Internet.

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