Article: Blockchain and… Crime Prevention?

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Blockchain and… Crime Prevention?

In 2017, computer scientist Rebecca Portnoff and her colleagues explained how cryptocurrency can help us follow the breadcrumbs of sex traffickers. The team developed a machine learning classifier that takes advantage of stylometry — the study of writing style via quantitative processing — to first distinguish between independent sex service providers and potential sex traffickers on online sex advertisements. From there, computational linking techniques make use of leakages in the cryptocurrency ‘mempool’ (a space that holds pending cryptocurrency transactions) to link back to those potential traffickers. This promising technology may, however, see some limitations beyond its control, such as the inherent limits of stylometry (or rather, forensic linguistics in general).

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Article: Blockchain Technology and its Impact on Real Estate

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Blockchain Technology and its Impact on Real Estate

According to the survey of the World Economic Forum (WEF), it is estimated that by 2025 almost 10pc of the global GDP information will be secured on blockchain technology. Furthermore, it is being expected that the global market of blockchain technology will jump over $39bn by 2025. The real estate sector is also among the beneficiaries of blockchain technology and it is being transformed in a numerous manner.

  • Smart Contracts
  • Managing Land Records
  • Concept of Fractional Ownership
  • Increasing Liquidity
  • Blockchain and Smart Cities
  • Harbinger of Efficiency

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Article: The Future of SSL Certificates – Is it Blockchain?

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The Future of SSL Certificates – Is it Blockchain?The Future of SSL Certificates – Is it Blockchain?

One of many points with SSL certificates is that it’s based mostly on Certificates Authorities (CAs) who need to challenge certificates however could fail to stick to the validation course of. It may be adequately addressed utilizing blockchain know-how. The process used on this know-how can be utilized to safe digital communication and can be used for authentication.

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Article: Will Blockchain Disrupt Government Corruption?

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Will Blockchain Disrupt Government Corruption?

At its core, the problem blockchain seeks to address is to ensure the security and integrity of information at a time when there is increasing concerns about data privacy and declining trust in government. It is a technology that allows one to record assets, transfer value, and track transactions in a decentralized manner, ensuring the transparency, integrity, and traceability of data without a central authority to authenticate the information. It is essentially a system to encrypt information and a shared database. It is based on a consensus mechanism amongst trusted parties to certify the information and validate transactions.

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