Article: Myanmar Protesters Turn to Obscure Apps to Avoid Detection

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Downloads of Tor, an open-source network that thoroughly anonymizes data, surged, too.

Myanmar citizens also embraced lesser-known software like Bridgefy, which bypasses the internet altogether by using Bluetooth to wirelessly send messages to other users of the app within a certain range. Another tool that was widely shared: Mysterium Network, which says it offers the privacy of Tor with the speed of a traditional VPN.

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Article: Myanmar citizens find ways around crackdown on internet

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File picture: PexelsMyanmar citizens find ways around crackdown on internet

hundreds of thousands of protesters and citizens in Myanmar are finding different ways to communicate online, downloading tools to bypass censorship restrictions and turning to alternative media sources and underground networks, according to new research.

They have moved to a mirror site of Facebook on the dark web, used apps that rely on Bluetooth technology to continue messaging each other and turned to lesser known social media platforms to stay connected, according to Recorded Future Inc., a closely held cybersecurity firm based near Boston.

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