Article: NFTs Offer Alternative Revenue Source for Asian Musicians

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NFTs Offer Alternative Revenue Source for Asian Musicians

“The xxxx is an NFT” is his second effort. He deliberately experimented with a different platform and another crypto currency, and rather than selling through an auction, he made it available in limited editions. “The key is not to be greedy,” he said.

The experiment could lead to a new movement that would revive the direct relationship between patron and creators that was once prominent in the times of Renaissance, Tan says. Patrons who love one’s creative work are willing to pay a premium for a scarce product, creating a lifeline for artists, he explained.

Tan is working on his next NFT, which is scheduled to release in June. He expects obstacles lie ahead, but says he may be able to set an example for younger musicians.

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Article: Unbanking The Future With DeFi

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Unbanking The Future With DeFi

Based on open protocols and decentralized applications, agreements are enforced by code, transactions are executed in a secure and verifiable way, and legitimate state changes (ledger entries) are made immutable on a publicly searchable and verifiable blockchain.

DeFi creates an environment that can simultaneously provide unprecedented transparency and equal access rights, while still preserving privacy and reducing transaction friction.

With a wide variety of applications, DeFi can enable one to buy dollar-pegged assets using stablecoins on decentralized exchanges, move these assets to an equally decentralized lending platform to generate interest, then add the interest-bearing instruments to a liquidity pool or on-chain investment fund.

And all of that can be achieved (and more) without so much as even stepping onto the highly polished marble floor or your downtown bank.

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Article: 3 Blockchain-Based Companies In S’pore That Have Nothing To Do With Cryptocurrency Trading

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3 Blockchain-Based Companies In S’pore That Have Nothing To Do With Cryptocurrency Trading

Currently, the most renowned blockchain-based companies in Singapore are all cryptocurrency trading platforms such as Coinhako and Binance. This shows that the average public tends to associate the industry with volatile and speculative trading assets with no other use case in mind.

However, plenty of blockchain-based companies are actually flourishing in Singapore, outside of decentralised finance and financial applications.

To give you a better idea on blockchain use cases, here are three under-the-radar blockchain-based companies in Singapore that you should know about:

  • Yojee – Logistics Software
  • Electrify – A Retail Marketplace For Energy
  • Bluzelle – Peer-To-Peer Data Storage Sharing

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