Article: How the NFT Breathes New Life Into Branded Content Marketing

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How the NFT Breathes New Life Into Branded Content Marketing

The rise in NFTs has rekindled talks about developing a new media ownership model to make it more creator-centric. NFTs allow creators, be these brands or individual artists, to retain ownership of their content without restricting its distribution over the Internet.

As a result, NFTs can change the media ownership model by offering creators, their audiences, and blockchain developers a viable alternative to monetization.

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Article: How The World Of NFTs Could Be The Next Big Thing For Advertising

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How The World Of NFTs Could Be The Next Big Thing For Advertising

It only makes sense that advertising and marketing technology should heed the call. Immersive mobile advertising campaigns that use NFTs can be distributed programmatically across various platforms. Brands can use NFT technology to provide personalized gifts, vouchers or more to their customers. For example, Taco Bell recently sold NFTs for digital taco art (and donated 100% of the profits to Taco Bell Foundation, Inc.). This technology can help drive user engagement for brands and can be attributed back to a user or paid media channel without the need for a cookie. For a specific subset of consumers, it’s a win-win situation for both them and advertisers.

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Article: The value of NFTs, explained by an expert


The value of NFTs, explained by an expert

How emotional attachment to certain items and gifts could affect our understanding of value.

Brands are very, very excited about non-fungible tokens. Over the past month, some of America’s most recognizable brands have eagerly hopped onto the bandwagon, selling limited-edition Taco Bell cryptoartold Time magazine covers, a New York Times column, and a virtual Pringles chip flavor. Non-fungible tokens, it seems, have entered the mainstream, even as the technology remains confusing and largely inaccessible to regular Americans.

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Article: Why NFTs Are More Than Just Digital Art

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Why NFTs Are More Than Just Digital ArtWhy NFTs Are More Than Just Digital Art

NFTs have captured the world’s attention by disrupting the art industry. But there are several other sectors NFTs are primed to change.

In brief

  • NFTs have transformed the art industry, but other industries could benefit from the technology too.
  • Music and gaming are actively exploring using NFTs.
  • But other things are beginning to be tokenized too.

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Article: NFT Mania, The Next Crypto Bubble?

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NFT Mania, The Next Crypto Bubble?

The growing boom in non-fungible tokens – digital assets that are one of one, as opposed to cryptocurrencies that are one of many – was long overdue. Applying a technology that enables digital bearer instruments to things like art, music and collectibles makes a lot of sense, and is arguably even more intuitive than applying it to money. That’s why I opened my first blockchain book by talking about the music industry.

If you spend some time reading up on NFTs in traditional publications such as the New York Times and Rolling Stone, then what you’ll detect is a collective sigh of relief. The world is slowly realizing that public blockchain networks like Ethereum enables creators to climb out of the digital dungeon they’ve been trapped in for the past 20 years.

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Article: Can NFTs Change How We Value Music?


Can NFTs Change How We Value Music?

NFTs are everywhere right now, from the NBA to Taco Bell, and artists like Grimes, Yaeji, and Toro Y Moi have been testing the waters. Grimes sold a collection of visual art for over $6 million; 3LAU, an EDM musician, made $11 million by selling an album as 33 individual NFTs; and Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park has sold several multimedia pieces through the NFT marketplace Zora. The website XLR8R announced a dedicated marketplace for music NFTs earlier this week, and there’s a burgeoning cottage industry of NFT auction houses looking to bring these collectibles to the masses.

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