Article: NFTs Can Bring the Real World On-Chain


NFTs Can Bring the Real World On-Chain

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) have generated an unprecedented level of mainstream interest in cryptocurrency technology. Believers claim NFTs represent a “paradigm shift” whereas detractors compare NFTs to the “Tulip Mania” and the initial coin offering era.

We have seen similar polarization of public opinion before with blockchain technology and dot-com stocks, which resulted in several breakthrough innovations and some epic commercial failures.

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Article: NFTs Are Hot in China, But With a Difference

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NFTs Are Hot in China, But With a Difference - DecryptNFTs Are Hot in China, But With a Difference

“I’ve cut out all my NFT sales for the next three months and rejected all interviews (other than yours) because I think there’s such a bubble in the market, and my work has been pushed up too high,” Ting Song, one of the most active crypto artists in China, told me, flatteringly.

Song is among a number of artists who saw their NFT work rocket to the moon. Just like in the west, NFTs have penetrated every corner of the Chinese crypto community. Crypto WeChat is full of hashmask equivalents, and for those who love cats, mooncats have become a favorite topic.

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Article: Decentralized File Sharing, Explained

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Decentralized File Sharing, ExplainedDecentralized File Sharing, Explained

As the digital era has progressed, the internet has become a vast and complex web of data and files that communicate using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or HTTP. As internet traffic has increased over time and the sheer volume of information transmitted has become enormous, HTTP has started to crack under this strain. For example, each time we load a web page, HTTP is used to retrieve content from centralized servers. If the content involves transmitting large files, it may consume a lot of bandwidth. If a server is taken down, a website might still exist but with missing pieces, such as images or graphic files.

Furthermore, due to a reliance on centralized servers, HTTP makes it easy to introduce censorship.

Decentralized file sharing has emerged as a solution to some of these problems. Torrenting is the best-known solution by the general public. Torrenting has been used as a way of distributing much larger files, such as audio and video, over the internet to overcome the challenges of using HTTP.

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