Robert David Steele, Founder, Web 3.0 Informal Steering Group


Robert David Steele is  the founder of the Web 3.0 informal steering group that will over time grow to be a county-level network of Constitutionally-committed citizens who create CountyCoin and CountyWeb to break free of all centralized and rigged systems including particularly the date centers, cloud services, and proprietary software and hardware companies with unConstitutional “bad doors” used by various foreign powers as well as rogue elements of government at all levels.

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Robert Steele: Deep State Captures Linux, Embeds Censorship in Open Source — Time for Web 3.0!

Operating Systems

The Linux Foundation and IBM Announce New Open Source Projects to Promote Racial Justice

ROBERT STEELE: Absolute bullshit. LINUX has been captured. This is code for embedding Deep State globalist censorship and digital assassination tools in open source, as pioneered by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), an unregistered agent of a foreign power working in close alliance with the Red Mafiya and other criminal and treasonous individuals and networks.

Robert Steele: Opening Message for Web 3.0 Informal Steering Group

Autonomous Internet, Civil Society, Collective Intelligence, Ethics, Web 3.0 is now operational. The webmaster is installing classic word press ( I hate block form), and then I will get to work loading stuff including videos and past posts crossed over from my web 3.0 collection at

I got a lovely, brilliant interview with Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton today viewable here. The protocol that I use for BitChute, which does NOT come with easy to extract embed and link codes the way YouTube does, is to post the thumbnail jpeg with a link to the BitChute video. That gives folks direct access to description, embed code, full screen viewing, and link for sharing. BitChute’s CEO is a member of our group.

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Benjamin Fulford: Global Upset not Global Reset – & BigTech Down!

Autonomous Internet, Cultural Intelligence, IO Impotency, Peace Intelligence
Robert Steele and Ben Fulford in Tokyo

ROBERT STEELE: I value Ben Fulford, whose decades of work as a financial and political journalist with a focus on Deep State and Asia  are unmatched by anyone I know. Subscribe to him here. Today’s report is quite good.  Below is a graphic from that report.

Khazarian Mafia Seeks to Surrender as Second American Revolution Underway


Our Web 3.0 working group has a more nuanced and comprehensive plan than the above, but the above is useful as a public perception device — it is easier to shut BigTech down and migrate than most people imagine.