Article: Why DeFi is the Future of Finance

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Why DeFi is the Future of Finance

According to the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance, DeFi provides a solution to five key problems. These are “centralized control, limited access, inefficiency, lack of interoperability, and opacity.” To address these problems, “DeFi seeks to build and combine open-source financial building blocks into sophisticated products with minimized friction and maximized value to users.”

That maximized value will translate into a wide range of new financial products that aren’t restrained by high fees and other points of friction. These products go far beyond cryptocurrency trading. DeFi customers will be able to acquire loans, invest in interest-bearing accounts, and conduct much cheaper and faster financial transactions without any paperwork or minimum transaction requirements.

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Article: India’s answer to tax-evasion lies in blockchain


India’s answer to tax-evasion lies in blockchainIndia’s answer to tax-evasion lies in blockchain

Blockchain might clear up a few of India’s most intractable and deeply intertwined issues: restricted state capability, poor tax assortment and corruption.

Like many growing international locations, India’s lack of ability to gather taxes is its most obvious problem. With out funds, states lack capability. How can India acquire taxes with restricted capability and in a society the place many have little to contribute? India has lengthy struggled to implement earnings and different taxes that may allow it to construct the capability to manage taxation extra successfully. However, it’s caught in a suggestions loop.

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