Article: What are dApps and How Do They Enable a True Free Market?

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What are dApps and How Do They Enable a True Free Market?

Crowdsourcing innovation and ideas is the most effective way to not only make the best possible systems, but to ensure that those systems work for everyone and can adapt over time. If we can transform the economy into a giant game of d-commerce, we can once again participate in a free market. The most free market the world has ever seen.

We need to democratize our economy from the ground up and force the big players to play by our rules or quit the game.

Some people tend to think that individual innovators or thought leaders are the ones who create the great products and corporations of our time. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk surely are intelligent people, but they have huge teams of brilliant minds working under them. How many other brilliant minds are scattered across the country? Across the world?

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Article: Altcoins – The Tools of a Decentralized Society?

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Altcoins – The Tools of a Decentralized Society?

These are the tools of a decentralized society. Fundraising, interaction, and governance all-in-one. And the power is in the hands of the individual, not the institution.

Here are a few incredible new dapps and their highly functional tokens also known as altcoins:

  • Blockchains – Polkadot
  • Gaming – AnRKey X
  • Solar Power – iM Intelligent Mining
  • E-Commerce – Splyt

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Article: Can Crypto Achieve On-Chain Dispute Resolution?

Blockchain, Crypto

Can Crypto Achieve On-Chain Dispute Resolution?

Online dispute resolution is nothing new. There have been various attempts at using online tools to solve disputes, which have largely failed as they simply brought them into a digital medium rather than delivering a completely new approach to solving them.

The emergence of blockchain technology changes that, enabling new models of arbitration through the concept of decentralized justice – a sort of crowdsourced blockchain legal system involving automated dispute resolution mechanisms based on game theory and crypto-economics that allow outcomes to be enforced via smart contracts.

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