Article: Data Mesh: Moving Away From Monolithic & Centralised Data Lakes

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Data Mesh: Moving Away From Monolithic & Centralised Data Lakes

Data mesh is a highly decentralised data architecture to solve challenges such as lack of ownership of data, lack of quality data and removing bottlenecks to encourage organisational scaling.

The goal of data mesh is to treat data as a product, with each source having a data product owner, who could ideally be part of the cross-functional team of data engineers. Despite having a separate owner, the data should be domain-focused and should have an autonomous offering that leads to a domain-driven distributed architecture.

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Article: What is a decentralized database?

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Two hard disk drives and a computerWhat is a decentralized database?

A decentralized database splits the workload up among multiple machines and uses sophisticated algorithms to balance the incoming and outgoing requests for the best response time. This type of database is useful for those times when there is more data that needs to be stored in the database than can physically saved on one physical machine. The bits — like log files, data collected by tracking click-throughs in the application, and the data generated by internet of things devices — pile up and need to be stored somewhere. They are also frequently referred to as distributed databases.