Article: Decentralized parties: The future of on-chain governance

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Decentralized parties: The future of on-chain governance

Political decentralization is the only way citizens can have a definitive say in the governance of their communities and lives. The desire for change in the political landscape is palpable and reflected in the growing voter absenteeism in many nations. Though decentralized parties will initially lack political influence, the craving for empowering technologies and purer forms of democracy will stimulate adoption over time.

The elimination of centralized power authorities would help protect citizens from government overreach and corruption, reduce bureaucracy and improve the speed at which laws and policies are passed.

We can use blockchain technology to help improve the voting process. Blockchain voting systems are currently being tested by several nations worldwide and have already been used in the United States: in West Virginia during the 2018 midterm elections and in Utah during the 2020 presidential election.

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Article: Why Decentralized Crowdfunding Could Be The Better Option

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Why Decentralized Crowdfunding Could Be The Better Option

The internet has given way to crowdfunding opportunities in many different forms. For some companies, the traditional and centralized approach – with its lack of transparency, high fees, and other drawbacks – remains favorable due to its “legacy appeal”. Centralized platforms are more commonly used than their decentralized counterparts, but that narrative can change over the coming years.

The advantages of decentralized crowdfunding solutions are visible for everyone to see. More transparency, global availability, and lower fees will benefit both companies and potential investors alike. To make these benefits stand out, project operators will need to enhance the overall appeal of blockchain-based crowdfunding solutions. Landing some big projects, or tackling prominent industries such as renewable energy, are potential ways to achieve that goal.

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Article: DeFi Is the New Lemonade Stand

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DeFi Is the New Lemonade StandDeFi Is the New Lemonade Stand

The current decentralized finance () trend may be capable of turning the tide. As an industry, it brings  and products to the entire world by removing intermediaries and gatekeepers altogether. As financial access can boost local society’s living quality and prosperity, it is paramount to bring these tools to as many people as possible.

More importantly, the time has come to address the most significant issue in centralized finance: Too few people are in control. When a consumer deposits funds at a bank, they essentially give up any control over that .  The same idea applies to investing, where most people will do so through an account manager or financial expert, relenting control over their funds.

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