Article: How blockchain benefits recruiters, job applicants

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How blockchain benefits recruiters, job applicants

For recruiters, the use of blockchain not only mitigates the risk of CV fraud, but it can also save considerable time when verifying candidate credentials such as work experience, job certifications skills or university degrees.

“It enables recruiters to make hiring decisions faster by being able to view all of a candidate’s verified credentials in one place,” said Andrew Cunsolo, senior director of product management for Jobvite. “It doesn’t eliminate the need for any background screening, but it does eliminate a lot of the time recruiters spend manually verifying candidate information.”

As nontraditional micro credentials for skill acquisition – badges, for example – have gained popularity with recruiters, blockchain also offers job applicants a way to store multiple credentials from securely in a digital ledger, or “wallet”. This gives applicants more control over their data and potential employers who can view their credentials, providing better data privacy.

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Article: FileCoin: Decentralized Cloud Storage Competitor To AWS, Microsoft Azure, And Google Cloud

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FileCoin: Decentralized Cloud Storage Competitor To AWS, Microsoft Azure, And Google Cloud

Worldwide cloud data storage is increasing at a dizzying pace. Some of today’s most valuable companies are getting rich off of their high margin cloud computing units such as Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft’s Azure, and Google Cloud. Protocol Labs IPFS which allows cryptographic hashing and the scaling of level 2 blockchain protocols, along with the dApps that sit on top of them, are likely to grow exponentially over the next decade. Additionally, users from around the globe will look to and for a Web3 cloud storage solution that can safely, cheaply, and reliably store their data. FileCoin and IPFS are likely to be the go to solution for Web3 data storage and retrieval going forward thanks to the many early adopters who use FileCoin and to the opensource platform that allows developers to integrate applications and innovate with the protocol.

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