Article: Can We Rid the Open Web of Its “Gatekeepers”?

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Can We Rid the Open Web of Its “Gatekeepers”? - CPO MagazineCan We Rid the Open Web of Its “Gatekeepers”?

The notion of an “open web” is one that is defined by and for all of its users — not by governments or institutions, nor by private companies and select individuals. While the novel services that we rely on today have played a significant role in boosting digitalization and interconnectedness, they’ve also benefited an exclusive few. Today’s existing data sharing systems for the purposes of consumer targeting are ultimately determined by closed, centralized ecosystems — each offering limited visibility and inefficiencies due to the pipeline of intermediaries involved. With advertising largely funding the many platforms, services, and infrastructures that we rely on today, what’s needed is a neutral, decentralized infrastructure that can ensure the same levels of personalization and compliance that we see in a “walled” environment.

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Article: Interoperability groups team up for open source healthcare developer sandbox

Innovation, Open Source, Software

Developer at computerInteroperability groups team up for open source healthcare developer sandbox

InterOp.Community – a new venture of the Interoperability Institute, Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise USA, Interopion and Red Hat – will offer a developer sandbox to spur use of open platforms for health data exchange.

“This would assure that participants and consumers alike would have access and latitude to use the outputs of this work as they see fit, including commercial and academic purposes. Together, we are working diligently to launch this shared digital space that will allow for advanced interoperability testing and development across different organizations and systems.”

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