Article: Throwing a light on Bluetooth

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Throwing a light on Bluetooth

At the heart of these device network solutions is Bluetooth Mesh which looks to maximise the value of operating tens, even hundreds, of devices alongside one another.

“Critically, Bluetooth Mesh was originally designed as a commercial grade solution,” explained Sabin, “so while it can be scaled for home deployment it was designed primarily for commercial implementation and deployments.

“It operates where mandatory layered security is required. It’s one thing to deploy a light build in your home, but another when you are looking to deploy a sophisticated network for control, monitoring and access in a commercial environment. There you need the assurance that all the devices in that network and ecosystem have security in mind.

“In turn, Bluetooth Mesh has been designed as a distributed architecture that is able to maximise scalability, reduce the cost of implementation and eliminate points of failure by operating without the need for gateways. It’s a truly standalone network.”

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Article: Bluetooth Will Revolutionize Industrial IoT

Autonomous Internet

/2019/09/9.24.19-How-Bluetooth-Could-Revolutionize-IIoT-696x428.jpgBluetooth Will Revolutionize Industrial IoT

Launched in July 2017, Bluetooth Mesh amplified the usual one-to-one connections that most devices shared to incorporate many-to-many (m:m) device communications.

This means that, just like conventional mesh networks, Bluetooth Mesh opens up the technology and its proponents to widespread communication on a larger scale. Bluetooth can be used to sustain high-capacity systems, exactly the type needed to power smart buildings and smart industry applications. It allows tens, hundreds or thousands of devices to communicate with one another effectively.

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