Article: Self-Sovereign Identity, 5 Years On

Decentralized Internet, Web 3.0

Self-Sovereign Identity, 5 Years On

Today, the language of self-sovereignty had spread far beyond its beginnings as a type of identity to users of many sorts of digital assets, such as cryptocurrency. Digital-asset holders speak of it as something that gives them the autonomy to make their own decisions about those assets, without any interference from third parties or other gatekeepers. So, even if there is still some question about the “self-sovereign” nomenclature in the digital-identity ecosystem, it seems to be increasingly accepted by the digital-assets community.

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Article: How Will Web 3.0 Transform the Industry?

Blockchain, Commercial Intelligence, Crypto, Design, Web 3.0

How Will Web 3.0 Transform the Industry?

For the average consumer, using cryptocurrency to buy a digital fashion item that will live exclusively on a screen seems like an out-of-reach scenario — for now.

It might even sound a little ludicrous to those who still don’t get what cryptocurrency — or the blockchain technology that enables it — is all about. But buying premium fashion and fine jewelry online, without seeing or trying the product on, seemed equally far-fetched a decade ago and now e-commerce has become a mainstream method of consumption.

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