Article: VPNs are No More Sufficient to Protect Your Privacy on the Web

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VPNs are No More Sufficient to Protect Your Privacy on the Web

Well, the reason lies in the very word that ails the freedom on the internet today — centralization. Centralized businesses manage and control the VPNs we use today. These central entities offer bandwidth to users for a premium fee, and they store their users’ data on a centralized server. Now, we all know that anything with a centralized infrastructure is highly susceptible to hacks.

It’s best to conclude by saying the same thing we started with: we are fighting a never-ending battle against cybercriminals. While in the future it may be something else, today, one of the best solutions in sight for personal security and privacy on the web seems to be a decentralized private network.

Article: Decentralization Demands Better Security for End-Users

Blockchain, Cyber-Security, Web 3.0

Decentralization Demands Better Security for End-Users

We are slowly transitioning to Web3.0, which is a version of today’s internet but it follows the principles of decentralization. And while today, hackers can easily exploit central servers to steal information, data, and funds, it will not be possible on Web3.0. That’s because there will be no central servers hosting platforms and applications.

Everything will be based on top of the infrastructures driven by decentralization. When that happens, hackers will have to rely on exploiting the systems of end-users. Whether it be for stealing information or funds, hackers will try and crawl into the systems of end-users to extract what they need.

This calls for users to be more aware of their security as decentralization and Web3.0 become mainstream. One of the best ways to stay secure from hackers on Web3.0 is to use decentralized private networks (DPNs), which are decentralized versions of VPNs, such as that by Deeper Network.

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Article: Altcoins – The Tools of a Decentralized Society?

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Altcoins – The Tools of a Decentralized Society?

These are the tools of a decentralized society. Fundraising, interaction, and governance all-in-one. And the power is in the hands of the individual, not the institution.

Here are a few incredible new dapps and their highly functional tokens also known as altcoins:

  • Blockchains – Polkadot
  • Gaming – AnRKey X
  • Solar Power – iM Intelligent Mining
  • E-Commerce – Splyt

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