Article: Parachains and the Internet of Blockchains

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Parachains and the Internet of Blockchains

Unsurprisingly, the value of both Bitcoin and Ethereum coins has skyrocketed. The prospect of an Internet of Blockchains comes at a time when increasing numbers of users distrust the centralized Internet. Big Tech oligarchs use aggregated data of individuals as levers to create barriers to entry for emerging competitors. Hackers threaten the security of the critical infrastructure by stealing data with impunity.

The decentralized Internet of Blockchains distributes the power of information to individuals and communities, removing the honeypots of large data stores that attract hackers. Gavin Wood, a pioneer of Web 3.0 and the founder of Polkadot, sums it up with a clarion call, for Web 3.0 to be an executable Magna Carta–”the foundation of the freedom of the individual against the arbitrary authority of the despot.”

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Article: Ebay Open-sources Package to Reduce Test Flakiness Using Swift and Xcode

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Ebay Open-sources Package to Reduce Test Flakiness Using Swift and Xcode

Targeted Auto Retry is Ebay’s approach to dealing with test flakiness that aims to make a continuous integration pipeline more resilient to flaky test steps. To make this approach straightforward to use, Ebay has open sourced a lightweight framework for the Swift language that can be used with Xcode unit testing framework.

Flaky tests are tests that could fail due to any kind of reason not directly related to a bug in your app code. Typical causes of flakiness are, for example, timing issues on app launch, data caching, incorrect test setup, failing network requests, some subtle bug in the test implementation, and so on.

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