Legal Notice: Letter to PayPal CEO As Delivered


OFFICIAL LETTER with Letterhead: PayPal Letter Final

Dear Mr. Schulman,

As of the first minute of April 16, 2021 PayPal terminated my client, Robert David Steele, by terminating the PayPal account of Earth Intelligence Network, a 501c3 educational corporation in good standing with the IRS and also the recipient of a Gold Star transparency award from Guidestar, a leading evaluator of non-profit endeavor competency and integrity. A copy of the termination letter is attached.

Article: Bitcoin and Blockchain’s Impact on Gaming

Blockchain, Crypto, Innovation

Bitcoin and Blockchain’s Impact on Gaming

The gaming industry is rapidly changing as technology continues to advance. The impact of blockchain and cryptocurrency has been pretty great too. Now, the two worlds are starting to merge, and gamers all over the world have realized the convenience of cryptocurrency, which makes the gaming experience even better.

Bitcoin and blockchain’s impact on gaming is clear to see. According to estimations, the cryptocurrency and gaming market is set to increase to $200 billion in 2023. While it can seem technical at first, it brings a lot of benefits to gamers and game developers across the world.

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Robert Steele: DEPLATFORMED by PayPal — Am Striking Back — Checks Are Best Way of Donating

Borg-Like Evil

By the grace of God, donations by check and wire offer me the Armor of God against unethical abusive companies among which PayPal is now assured of front row standing.

They know full well of my strong history as a Patriot and as having a Gold Star rating as a non-profit. This is a Deep State attack, perhaps without the knowledge of the CEO, but our top ten law firm will make sure the CEO knows about this on Monday.

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Article: Like it or not, you should probably start paying attention to bitcoin

Blockchain, Crypto

Like it or not, you should probably start paying attention to bitcoin

Coinbase’s public listing is just the latest milestone on cryptocurrency’s journey from nerdy curiosity to mainstream investing opportunity and payment method. Since 2018, Square, the payment processing service, has let most of its payment app Cash App users buy and sell bitcoin. And lately, more and more of them have been doing so. Square CFO Amrita Ahuja said in February that 3 million people did transactions in bitcoin on the app last year, while 1 million did so in January 2021 alone.

Similarly, PayPal began to allow users to buy cryptocurrencies through their accounts last year. The platform expanded its cryptocurrency capabilities this March and started allowing users to exchange their crypto holdings into US dollars in order to pay for things, which is just one step short of allowing users to make purchases with actual cryptocurrency. Paypal has also indicated that users of Venmo, which it ownswill soon be able to transact in cryptocurrencies, too.

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Article: Bitcoin: Latest Price Record Is Irrelevant Compared To ‘Quiet Revolution’ Of Cryptocurrency, Experts Say

Blockchain, Crypto

Bitcoin: Latest Price Record Is Irrelevant Compared To ‘Quiet Revolution’ Of Cryptocurrency, Experts Say

In the longer term, the underlying technology could see this growth sustained through its ability to transform the financial system through radically more efficient payments and transactions through its peer-to-peer network.

“An ongoing pandemic may be furthering a safe haven narrative for bitcoin, particularly in emerging markets where bitcoin is gaining traction,” said Paolo Ardoino, chief technology officer of leading cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex.

“While this particular all-time high will make headline, daily price movements are of little consequence in comparison to the quiet revolution that is blockchain technology… This rally could possibly herald bitcoin’s first meaningful encroachment into the legacy financial system and credit card industry.”

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Article: DeFi Is Changing: And It’s for the Better

Blockchain, Crypto, Decentralized Internet

DeFi Is Changing: And It’s for the Better

As the term suggests, decentralized finance is the rapidly growing field of decentralized financial tools and platforms — many of which provide access to crucial services that are scarcely available in many regions. As a rapidly growing industry, the DeFi landscape is iterating at a pace that few can keep up with — with increasingly novel applications and products seemingly emerging on a daily basis.  But amidst the mania, several trends are beginning to emerge in the DeFi space, which looks likely to set the tone of what lies ahead.

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Article: Cryptocurrencies, NFTs & Another Rise Of Blockchain. Ignore At Your Own Risk.

Blockchain, Crypto

Cryptocurrencies, NFTs & Another Rise Of Blockchain. Ignore At Your Own Risk.

Most importantly, as with any new emerging technology-enabled business model, companies should pilot NFTs with cryptocurrency and blockchain.  Start with creating a digital wallet and fill it with some Ether, the cryptocurrency that many NFT marketplaces use (because they use the Ethereum blockchain).  There are a number of sites that sell cryptocurrency, including Ether.  Some of the more popular sites are Coinbase and now PayPal.  Once a company has purchased some Ether they can proceed to OpenSea (or other NFT marketplaces, like Rarible or SuperRare), which is where lots of digital things are for sale.  Companies can buy some things on OpenSea (with their Ether) – and then sell them – all in the spirit of learning how it all works.  They can then browse their own portfolios for something to sell, or consider creating something they can sell.

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Article: Blockchain may change equities trading for good

Blockchain, Commercial Intelligence

Blockchain may change equities trading for goodBlockchain may change equities trading for good

Paxos is now making use of for a everlasting SEC licence to compete with the DTCC. It’s unclear whether or not the SEC will agree, or if Paxos might even scale as much as snip on the heels of the DTCC behemoth, which dealt with $2,150tn price of trades final yr. As Emmanuel Aidoo, digital markets head at Credit score Suisse, observes tactfully: “Innovation in blockchain know-how is [still] incremental.”

Even so, buyers ought to take word. For one, the deal is a reminder that there’s extra to blockchain than the cryptocurrencies corresponding to bitcoin that additionally use the know-how. Whereas apparent to crypto insiders, this level must be proclaimed loudly given how bitcoin grabs a lot public and political consideration.

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Article: Bitcoin is green technology

Blockchain, Crypto

Bitcoin is green technology

Is Bitcoin a wasteful use of energy?

Of course not! Every system has financial and ecological costs, but how many systems are measuring practical ROI?

People focus on Bitcoin’s consumption, but not Visa’s, for example. Have you considered what Bitcoin can create per kilowatt compared to what the centralized economy can do with the same kilowatt? All systems have consumption which is repurposed in the attempt to create extra value so that efficiencies can be sold to the world in order to make profit. But the real question should be if there’s more profit to be made by using Bitcoin as a tool for efficiency rather than other existing solutions.

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Article: MathChain: Build the Blockchain Infrastructure for Mass Adoption

Blockchain, Web 3.0

MathChain release whitepaper v2 and roadmapMathChain: Build the Blockchain Infrastructure for Mass Adoption

The final blueprint of blockchain is like many interconnected cities, where each city will gradually develop its own ecosystem and residents, as well as have its own governance system. The MATH Global Foundation believes that MathChain will be the first stop for ordinary users entering the blockchain world.

“We believe that MathChain will be the bridge between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, lowering the barriers for new crypto users and also rebuilding the basic infrastructure of wallets, appstores, and “datastores” in the new Web 3.0 metaverse,” says MathWallet CTO Eric Yu.

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