Article: BitClout creates the first ‘social media stock market’

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BitClout creates the first ‘social media stock market’

The white paper describes the BitClout concept as an “emerging phenomena”; indeed, the website compares Bitcoin’s recent impact of “decentralising money” with its own efforts to “decentralis[e] social.”

“[W]ith BitClout you can buy someone’s coin and then retweet them, which makes it so that you’re not only along for the ride financially if they blow up, but you also get bragging rights.

The future of investment could conceivably include some form of ‘social media stock market’ – a concept that could one day include everyone, not just the rich and famous. The socio-economic implications of doing so, however, would need to be carefully considered.

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Article: Responsible Use Of Open Source In Enterprise Software

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African American Or Black Man At Computer Desk Programming Apps Or Web DevelopingResponsible Use Of Open Source In Enterprise Software

Nearly every modern software development project relies heavily on open-source software. This is particularly true of any web client or node.js software, where a typical app relies on dozens of open-source packages. It is also true of any Java or .NET software, as both of those platforms are open source.

As consumers of open source, have we considered the impact we have on the open-source ecosystem? Are we enabling and supporting the ecosystem on which we’re building our enterprise software, or are we crossing our fingers and hoping the ecosystem doesn’t collapse out from under us?

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Robert Steele: Plans for Displacement of #GoogleGestapo UPDATE 2

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UPDATE 1: Our lead engineer explorer comments. Please note that Thin Thread from Pretty Good Knowledge will be the backbone of our global search and sense-making engine.

The malicious digital assassination of Gab has energized funders and plans are advancing for a calculated integral displacement of the entire #GoogleGestapo ecology that should be — but is not — under RICO investigation.

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