Article: How The World Of NFTs Could Be The Next Big Thing For Advertising

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How The World Of NFTs Could Be The Next Big Thing For Advertising

It only makes sense that advertising and marketing technology should heed the call. Immersive mobile advertising campaigns that use NFTs can be distributed programmatically across various platforms. Brands can use NFT technology to provide personalized gifts, vouchers or more to their customers. For example, Taco Bell recently sold NFTs for digital taco art (and donated 100% of the profits to Taco Bell Foundation, Inc.). This technology can help drive user engagement for brands and can be attributed back to a user or paid media channel without the need for a cookie. For a specific subset of consumers, it’s a win-win situation for both them and advertisers.

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Article: 4 Ways Blockchain is Disrupting the Media Industry

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University Education 4050604 Ways Blockchain is Disrupting the Media Industry

The inception of the blockchain technology had created intense ripples in the financial sector. Although the earlier phase offered unprecedented levels of opportunities and possibilities for the financial sector, today we see a range of different industries experimenting with blockchain’s capabilities for their varying business applications. One such industry that can avail the best of blockchain is media. Right from content creation to revenue generation to content distribution, the potential of blockchain in media is worth mentioning.

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Let’s talk about dark fiber

Dark Fiber

Let’s talk about dark fiber

Dark fiber: concept, pros, cons, challenges and monitoring
There is a very interesting alternative in the market in terms of communications services; we refer to the possibility of leasing or buying dark fiber segments.

Since the 90s of the last century, many companies have been making large investments in laying fiber optic cabling, managing to cover large geographic areas. Continue reading “Let’s talk about dark fiber”