Article: A People-Centric Approach to Securing Cyberspace

Civil Society, Cyber-Security

Colonial Cyber Attack, Ransomware Impact Raises Alarm About Internet FutureA People-Centric Approach to Securing Cyberspace

Resolving these competing visions of the digital future will be key to reining in cybercrime and defending data privacy from governments and Big Tech, but it will require the same kind of global response that precipitated the rise of the climate change activism. The truth is, if we want to save the internet from becoming the hunting ground of criminal bandits, dictators, demagogues and wealthy tech dilletantes with a political axe to grind, the public itself is going to have to take radical action.

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Article: SHC asks if 5G harmful to health

Hardware, Software

SHC asks if 5G harmful to health

The commission said the main effect that radiofrequency electromagnetic fields have on the human body is the increased temperature of exposed tissue. The body can handle small increases to body temperature, such as through exercising, but radiofrequency exposure and increased temperature can be dangerous above a certain threshold. “Another general characteristic of RF EMFs is that the higher the frequency, the lower the depth of penetration of the EMFs into the body. As 5G technologies can utilise higher EMF frequencies (>24 GHz) in addition to those currently used.

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Article: DeFi Should Look Beyond Tech Hubs for Growth

Blockchain, Money

DeFi Should Look Beyond Tech Hubs for Growth

If we want DeFi to become a functional standard and create a blueprint that works, we need to stop focusing on tech hubs that already have banking solutions and look to places that need the support dapps provide. Enthusiasts may innovate, but it’s consumers who truly push new products to market success. In this context, a remote farming village would be a more arable place for the DeFi revolution to grow – we just need to scatter the seeds.

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