Article: VPNs are No More Sufficient to Protect Your Privacy on the Web

Decentralized Internet, Web 3.0

VPNs are No More Sufficient to Protect Your Privacy on the Web

Well, the reason lies in the very word that ails the freedom on the internet today — centralization. Centralized businesses manage and control the VPNs we use today. These central entities offer bandwidth to users for a premium fee, and they store their users’ data on a centralized server. Now, we all know that anything with a centralized infrastructure is highly susceptible to hacks.

It’s best to conclude by saying the same thing we started with: we are fighting a never-ending battle against cybercriminals. While in the future it may be something else, today, one of the best solutions in sight for personal security and privacy on the web seems to be a decentralized private network.

Article: The Age of Censorship

Censorship, Governance

The Age of Censorship

While people in democratic states think they enjoy free press, those in authoritarian states know that their media is controlled, and thus, those who can, tend to follow the media imported (mostly illegally) from democratic states, believing that it is fair and balanced. At least this is what happened years ago. Today, however, people in authoritarian states are starting to believe that even the so-called free press is biased, full of fake news, and most importantly, censored and full of propaganda (read advertising) that determines elections and public policies.

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