Article: Open-Source Data Could Fix Fashion’s Supply Chains. Here’s How

Data, Open Source

Open-Source Data Could Fix Fashion’s Supply Chains. Here’s How

To solve these issues quickly, organisations can no longer afford to work in silos. Tracing the provenance of garments from end-to-end of the supply chain demands knowledge and data sharing from all actors, including brands, suppliers, NGOs and industry bodies. By disclosing previously private lists of supplier factories and third-party production facilities, industry actors can collaborate to monitor these sites. Open-source data allows parties to understand compliance risks and create a positive feedback loop with stakeholders on the ground to remedy social and environmental malpractice.

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Article: Find blockchain jobs with the Bitcoin Association jobs board

Blockchain, Crypto

Find blockchain jobs with the Bitcoin Association jobs board

Blockchain and Bitcoin development talent is in high demand. This means good salaries, career security, and interesting, engaging work as one of the early pioneers of the world’s biggest and fastest growing tech trend. Now, thanks to Bitcoin Association, you can scour the market for job opportunities in Bitcoin from world leading companies, all in one place.

The Bitcoin Association jobs board allows employers in blockchain and bitcoin to post listings for career opportunities, and has fast become the place to go for learning of new vacancies in Bitcoin development.

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Article: The value of NFTs, explained by an expert


The value of NFTs, explained by an expert

How emotional attachment to certain items and gifts could affect our understanding of value.

Brands are very, very excited about non-fungible tokens. Over the past month, some of America’s most recognizable brands have eagerly hopped onto the bandwagon, selling limited-edition Taco Bell cryptoartold Time magazine covers, a New York Times column, and a virtual Pringles chip flavor. Non-fungible tokens, it seems, have entered the mainstream, even as the technology remains confusing and largely inaccessible to regular Americans.

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Article: U.S. Lawmaker: Microtransactions on Blockchain technology is the future

Blockchain, Innovation

The benefits of using Blockchain technology in your companyU.S. Lawmaker: Microtransactions on Blockchain technology is the future

“Imagine talking about a very small transaction, to perhaps read an article or for a driverless car to ask another driverless car to let you pass. There are huge opportunities that are quite limitless for the use of blockchain technology….. The potential here is that you have connected with your daily life perhaps dozens or hundreds of transactions. I think that is the world of the future—potentially thousands of these small transactions [that] would enable your life in a more seamless way,” McHenry said.

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Article: How Blockchain Will Personalize Healthcare

Blockchain, Innovation

blockchain-personalize-healthcareHow Blockchain Will Personalize Healthcare

Modern healthcare data systems are contained in disparate and disconnected information silos in doctors offices, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, and mobile devices. The information is so segregated that it often prevents healthcare providers from providing fast and efficient care to patients. Blockchain technology can be a solution to keeping all patient data in a single, secure location.

One global blockchain could be the foundation of a universal global electronic health record that provides all stakeholders with access to patient information in a single private digital location.

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Article: Blockchains are the building blocks of better healthcare

Blockchain, Innovation

blockchain, digitization, digital health ledger, ledgerBlockchains are the building blocks of better healthcare

Rather than having multiple digital ledgers for the industry, better health care results require a single global blockchain that massively scales, capable of efficiently handling high volumes of data to act as the single source for information.

Blockchain technology – and more specifically – a single global blockchain, offers a solution – and healthcare organizations are increasingly taking notice of its transformative potential.

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