Article: Understanding the Verifiable Credentials (VCs)

Decentralized Internet, Digital Content, Web 3.0

Understanding the Verifiable Credentials (VCs)

Verifiable Credentials heavily utilize Decentralized Identifiers to identify people, organizations, and things and to achieve a number of security and privacy-protecting guarantees. They are issued and cryptographically signed documents, intended to be understood by computers rather than people.

A user identifier that is:

  • In digital form
  • Able of communication with decentralized ledger
  • A property of its owner that is stored in a wallet
  • Contains the DID data string that pairs the user’s public address with a user’s public key stored on a blockchain
  • Representing user ID, diploma, and many others

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Article: Leveraging Bluetooth Indoor Positioning Technology

Autonomous Internet

Leveraging Bluetooth Indoor Positioning Technology

Bluetooth is a very popular choice for indoor positioning systems because of the following advantages:

  • wide availability (you can find it in almost all modern chips and smart devices);
  • high energy efficiency (BLE provides very low power consumption);
  • variety of positioning methods (RSSI, AoA/AoD, trilateration, and triangulation);
  • simple implementation (the technology is easy to work with).

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Article: Technopreneur Ryan Chew On Using Blockchain to Solve Global Issues

Blockchain, Knowledge

Ryan Chew Tribe Technopreneur Ryan Chew On Using Blockchain to Solve Global Issues

We are always looking to solve problems in the eco-system but it’s very high touch. There’s too much hand holding and so we wondered how we would scale this up. So we launched a portal supported by MDA to reach the masses so they can better understand the use cases of blockchain.

The other problem was after matchmaking corporates to start-ups and then start to build Proofs-of-concept (POCs), we couldn’t find the manpower to build it. That’s when we realised the talent shortage needed to be solved with Tribe Academy. We aim to develop the net generation of talent for frontier technologies like blockchain, cybersecurity, data science, and so on.

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Article: Blockchain to be used to combat Scotch whisky counterfeiting


Blockchain to combat whisky counterfeiting | Coinlist.meBlockchain to be used to combat Scotch whisky counterfeiting

Digital transparency company Everledger announced on Friday that they had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with SUERC to tackle counterfeiting in the Scotch whisky industry. SUERC’s proprietary technology will be used in analysing the contents of bottles to authenticate the provenance. The bottles will then be protected with intelligent Everledger anti-tamper bottle closures and connected to the blockchain using Near Field Communication (NFC) tags.

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