Article: How decentralisation and tokenisation could revolutionise society

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How decentralisation and tokenisation could revolutionise society

One of the most important real-world applications in decentralisation-of-things are decentralised autonomous organisations or DAOs.
These are entities that are programmatically leaderless, anonymous, and decentralised.
In simple terms, DAOs are organisations that are governed by programming language and can function autonomously without human managerial activity and without interference from any governments.
This is contrasted with traditional organisations that must comply with local laws and involve delegating decisions to key agents who might act against the organisation’s interests.
The latter problem is what economists term the “principal-agent” dilemma.
DAOs promise to solve this problem since they do not have chief executive officers or managers to steer the organisation; instead, members self-govern and vote collectively on all decisions which are immutably recorded unto the blockchain ensuring tamper-proof bookkeeping.

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Article: DeFi apps offering insurance for cryptos

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Typically, the DeFi insurance apps are highly automated: All transactions happen via self-executing software programs known as smart contracts. (REUTERS)DeFi apps offering insurance for cryptos

Adventurers in what is perhaps the most lucrative and risky corner of the cryptocurrency world are starting to see a bit of a safety net.

In the past year, scores of investors big and small have poured billions into decentralized-finance applications that allow users to lend, borrow and trade crypto without intermediaries like banks. While the DeFi sector is booming, it has also been plagued by hacks, fraud and a copy-and-paste coding culture where a modified app can siphon away users from an established rival.

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Article: When DeFi Becomes Intelligent

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When DeFi Becomes Intelligent

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has been capturing the minds and hearts of the crypto community in the last few months. DeFi offers a new and transparent playground to automate financial primitives such as lending or market making without the need of intermediaries.

The on-chain centric nature of DeFi protocols generates a data footprint unprecedented in capital market vehicles. This data can be used by machine intelligence models to better understand and benefit from the behavior of DeFi protocols.

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Article: Building a Decentralized and Uncensorable Internet — The Nexus Protocol

Decentralized Internet

Building a Decentralized and Uncensorable Internet — The Nexus Protocol

PRESS RELEASE. On December 21st, 2020, the Nexus Protocol white paper was released. The new internet will be driven by a blockchain-based operating system (LX-OS) and communications protocol (Nexus Protocol), that will be connected by a distributed satellite-based mesh network. The white paper contains technical specifications and mathematical models that showcase and prove the viability, value proposition, and practicality of this novel architectural framework.

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