Hunter Newby: Neighborhood Level Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber

At a neighborhood residential level the economies of scale just aren’t there for my model. The smallest serving increment would be similar to a PSTN Central Office with a minimum 20k subscribers / FTTH. The USA has roughly 3,250 counties, boroughs, and parishes but many of them especially west of the Mississippi have sparse scattered populations.

The business model to make it work at scale is what really drives deployment. If it’s not at scale then it’s just a one-off deployment and I’m not interested in that. I’ve acquired and developed many single site carrier hotels, but they were mostly in major cities. The key is to make it a universal installation — every country, borough, and parish. At that scale, it is a do-able do.

Robert Steele: Web 3.0 Informal Steering Group Members 1.0

Web 3.0

I have finalized the Web 3.0 Informal Steering Group for Phase 1.0.  Martin Geddes and Stephen E. Arnold will join me as the informal executive cell that can sign confidentiality and other agreements on behalf of my new company Open Source Everything, Inc. Our public website will be which will be a subset of a larger website to press forward on Open Source Everything Engineer (OSEE).

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