Article: NFT Mania, The Next Crypto Bubble?

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NFT Mania, The Next Crypto Bubble?

The growing boom in non-fungible tokens – digital assets that are one of one, as opposed to cryptocurrencies that are one of many – was long overdue. Applying a technology that enables digital bearer instruments to things like art, music and collectibles makes a lot of sense, and is arguably even more intuitive than applying it to money. That’s why I opened my first blockchain book by talking about the music industry.

If you spend some time reading up on NFTs in traditional publications such as the New York Times and Rolling Stone, then what you’ll detect is a collective sigh of relief. The world is slowly realizing that public blockchain networks like Ethereum enables creators to climb out of the digital dungeon they’ve been trapped in for the past 20 years.

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Article: How science embraced decentralized collaboration to fight covid-19

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How science embraced decentralized collaboration to fight covid-19

Bitcoin changed the world by turning silos of monetary information into one big, global ledger. This global covid-19 pandemic is having a similar effect on science.

Up until now, scientists have increasingly worked in competition with one another. While collaboration does exist in research, especially in academia, there are increasing levels of competition when it comes to access to funding, patents, and intellectual property rights. However, as coronavirus has swept across the world, scientists are sharing their research in ever-increasing numbers.

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Yoda: WWW Founder Tim Berners-Lee Working on New Decentalized Web

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WWW founder Tim Berners-Lee working on a new decentralised web

Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web (WWW), is exploring the idea of a new decentralised version of the web, along with other internet scientists, report New York Times. The Decentralized Web Summit was held from June 8-9 in San Francisco, and envisions a web which is not controlled by corporations or governments across the world.

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