Article: Decentralization vs. centralization: Where does the future lie? Experts answer

Decentralized Internet, Web 3.0

Decentralization vs. centralization: Where does the future lie? Experts answer

Last year, the world witnessed the great rise of the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, which has started a significant shift toward decentralization. Monopolized data, controlled by a few companies in Web 2.0, causes the redistribution toward individual users in the rise of the Web 3.0 movement, even to decentralized governance that is now theoretically, technically and practically possible.

Blockchain-backed, driven decentralization can potentially redemocratize society by regaining trust in the election process, or as some argue, by protecting democracy around the globe. While blockchain cannot solve everything, it still has the potential to solve a lot of economic and social problems such as increasing diversity and inclusion, bridging the gender gapempowering the unbanked and combating economic injustice.

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Article: Understanding the Verifiable Credentials (VCs)

Decentralized Internet, Digital Content, Web 3.0

Understanding the Verifiable Credentials (VCs)

Verifiable Credentials heavily utilize Decentralized Identifiers to identify people, organizations, and things and to achieve a number of security and privacy-protecting guarantees. They are issued and cryptographically signed documents, intended to be understood by computers rather than people.

A user identifier that is:

  • In digital form
  • Able of communication with decentralized ledger
  • A property of its owner that is stored in a wallet
  • Contains the DID data string that pairs the user’s public address with a user’s public key stored on a blockchain
  • Representing user ID, diploma, and many others

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Article: Can You Passively Make Money Using Cryptocurrency?

Crypto, Money

Can You Passively Make Money Using Cryptocurrency?

We all have heard these stories about the men and women driven by a hunch or some well-calculated mathematical probability to invest in crypto who ended up raking in thousands or millions. But this early in the game, your chances of success were less certain than now; fewer people understood what was going on, too few to explain to you, as compared to now. But by now, crypto is getting more popular and your chances of success can, to some extent, be foreseen from the get-go.

Earning passive income with crypto isn’t rocket science, although it does involve some strategy. Here are 5 ways you can earn passive income through cryptocurrency.

  1. Lending Crypto
  2. Mining
  3. Staking Tokens
  4. Investments
  5. Dividends

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