Article: Why Do We Urgently Need Web 3.0?

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Why Do We Urgently Need Web 3.0?

It is safe to say that the World Wide Web has become an abomination in light of what its creator, Tim Berners-Lee, envisioned it as — a decentralized, open exchange of information. Now, it is riddled with choking points. However, the good news is that Bitcoin (BTC) has already demonstrated the case for decentralization. As a sovereign, leaderless, deflationary currency, the cryptocurrency is now widely in use as a hedge against inflation.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are able to counter centralized monetary power because they are decentralized and secured by blockchain. Can this technology be used to accomplish the same for the internet?

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Article: Blockchain Technology’s Potential to Disrupt Social Media Platforms

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Blockchain Technology’s Potential to Disrupt Social Media Platforms

While mainstream social media platforms have revolutionized the way we interact with one another and made eCommerce more effective thanks to targeted advertising, these platforms have serious flaws, notably data and privacy breached that should not be ignored. The advent of blockchain social media offers a plausible solution to these challenges, allowing individuals to interact over decentralized and distributed networks without third parties’ praying eyes.

Blockchain social media offers numerous benefits. Among other benefits, they allow users to enjoy greater privacy, assert better control of their data, and express themselves freely without drastic consequences or account censorship. Better still, decentralized social media allows users to earn income on their activities on the platform, including content creation and other interactions.

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Article: Decentralized Video Streaming

Decentralized Internet, Web 3.0

Decentralized Video Streaming

With the drive for the decentralization of information gaining momentum in preparation for Web 3.0content delivery networks (CDNs) are expected to be able to provide reliable decentralized data services soon. Video streaming is one of the key sectors set to undergo a major transformation to keep up with changing viewer habits and user demands in this age of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Viewers want more control over the displayed content, publishers want a bigger cut from advertisers, and advertisers want to reach real users and overcome ad fraud.

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Article: LBRY Cryptocurrency Prosecution Shows SEC’s Misplaced Priorities

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LBRY Cryptocurrency Prosecution Shows SEC’s Misplaced Priorities

The SEC remained mostly silent during the ICO boom but then flooded alt-coin founders with a tsunami of subpoenas beginning in 2018. To be sure, some ICOs were scams and deserved prosecution, but others were and are legitimate companies building out viable networks and providing value to purchasers and consumers.

LBRY, Inc. is one such company. It promotes an “open, free, and fair network for digital content” and boasts 10 million users. Someday it could rival YouTube, Amazon, and other video content providers. But first it risks bankruptcy in a legal fight with the government for violations that lack victims.

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Article: Don’t Let Them Kill Digital Assets

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Don’t Let Them Kill Digital Assets

The large caveat here is geography. In many countries, innovators like LBRY are free to thrive, even if they do need to take special care not to accept U.S. users.

So try as they might, this won’t stop the revolution. It will simply chase it offshore. Web 3.0, the internet of value, is at this point inevitable. Even LBRY will move forward, regardless of the outcome of this case.

Perhaps someday soon, U.S. citizens will need to use a virtual private network (VPN) in order access large swathes of the internet, just like the Chinese do. Oh, wait…It’s already happening.

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