Article: 4 Ways To Make Money With Web 3.0

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4 Ways To Make Money With Web 3.0 

Web 2.0’s downfall is exactly this. The platforms, at least the big ones like Facebook and Google, survive off the ownership of your information. They are free to use, so they need to make money somewhere. And they would be nothing without users like you: creating content for them, growing followers, searching for things, posting daily, these are all activities that give services the ammo they need to sell ads at alarming rates that generate even more alarming revenues.

But the web is changing. Web 3.0 is building on the flaws of Web 2.0, and it promises to create more personalized experiences, and redistribute wealth opportunities from the platforms, to the users. Blockchain protocols like PRIVI aim to bring Web 3.0 into the hands of everyone this year.

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