Article: How blockchain benefits recruiters, job applicants

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How blockchain benefits recruiters, job applicants

For recruiters, the use of blockchain not only mitigates the risk of CV fraud, but it can also save considerable time when verifying candidate credentials such as work experience, job certifications skills or university degrees.

“It enables recruiters to make hiring decisions faster by being able to view all of a candidate’s verified credentials in one place,” said Andrew Cunsolo, senior director of product management for Jobvite. “It doesn’t eliminate the need for any background screening, but it does eliminate a lot of the time recruiters spend manually verifying candidate information.”

As nontraditional micro credentials for skill acquisition – badges, for example – have gained popularity with recruiters, blockchain also offers job applicants a way to store multiple credentials from securely in a digital ledger, or “wallet”. This gives applicants more control over their data and potential employers who can view their credentials, providing better data privacy.

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Article: NY State Lawmakers Float Creation Of 5G Safety Commission

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NY State Lawmakers Float Creation Of 5G Safety Commission

Two New York state lawmakers have introduced legislation to establish a commission charged with examining the health and environmental impacts of wireless radiation emitted by 5G technology and other wireless antennas.

“This kind of involuntary exposure to a scientifically-proven health hazard deserves the scrutiny this commission will provide,” Wood said. “I applaud Senator Kaplan and Assemblyman Abinanti for taking this action to protect public health and the environment.”

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