Article: 16 Premises for the Decentralized Web

Civil Society, Decentralized Internet, Web 3.0

16 Premises for the Decentralized Web

The domain name com was added to the domain name system of the internet in 1985. Its name is derived from the word commercial, indicating its intended purpose for domains registered by commercial organizations. Later, the domain was tragically opened to general purpose use.

The following outlines premises required for a sustainable information management strategy in service of returning the World Wide Web from
the tragedy of the commons to a utility for the exchange of knowledge.

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Article: Blockchain And Web 3.0 Investing

Blockchain, Web 3.0

uncaptionedBlockchain And Web 3.0 Investing

For investment purposes, blockchains are best understood as the building blocks for new open-source value transfer protocols and “digital vending machines” dispensing services previously only offered by finance industry professionals. Unlike the pre-existing internet protocols, which were limited to the transfer of information, blockchain-based protocols enable the peer-to-peer transfer of value. The latter can drastically reduce the need for intermediaries and middleware.

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