Article: Why Free and Open Source Software is in vogue now

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Why Free and Open Source Software is in vogue now

What makes a piece of software FOSS depends on the licences its creators have chosen to adopt. But beyond licensing, FOSS is about harnessing a culture of open and transparent collaboration to co-create something useful for users and other developers around the world.

In each of these examples, anyone located anywhere in the world has the freedom to view the source code, use it, add to it and modify it to make something new. For the creators of FOSS, this presents an opportunity to problem-solve with tech talent from around the world, to collaboratively improve their code, and further develop their own skills. A wide range of such open-source products is gaining popularity around the world and being used for large-scale tech development and business operations.

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Event: Libre Planet 2021


Event: Libre Planet 2021

As you may be aware, this isn’t the first LibrePlanet conference that has taken place entirely online: in 2020, the timing could hardly have been worse, with coronavirus shutdowns in Massachusetts starting the very week that the conference was scheduled. With only a week to scrap plans we had spent most of a year making, the Free Software Foundation (FSF) still managed to pull off a full, vibrant schedule, and livestreamed using only free software thanks to our wildly talented and dedicated tech team, but we knew that with a bit more time to plan, we could do even more. Continue reading “Event: Libre Planet 2021”