Berto Jongman: Future of Web 3.0 Internet Not Bright At All

Web 3.0

Internet 2021: Here’s what the new year will (and won’t) bring

Now more than ever we depend on the internet for work, school, and fun. Will the internet providers rise to the challenge? Probably not.

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, ZDNet

. . . as Tom Wheeler, former FCC chairman and a visiting fellow in Governance Studies at The Brookings Institution, said, we must recognize that the “internet is no longer ‘nice to have,’ it is critical.

Phi Beta Iota: This will be discussed in The Steele Report on 4 January. The future Web 3.0 Internet demands comprehensive data access and integrity, sense-making tools for the individual, individual sovereignty protections, AND a working global Internet that can meet the needs of rural impoverished users.

Berto Jongman: Web 3.0 – Displacement of #GoogleGestapo?

Web 3.0
Berto Jongman

Web 3.0: The Decentralised Web Promises to Make the Internet Free Again

Edina Harbinja and Vasileios Karagiannopoulos

Have you recently considered deleting your Facebook account, boycotting Amazon or trying to find an alternative to Google? You wouldn’t be alone. The tech giants are invading our privacy, misusing our data, strangling economic growth and helping governments spy on us. Yet because these few companies own so many of the internet’s key services, it seems there is little people can do to avoid having to interact with them if they want to stay online.

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Berto Jongman: Meet the Hackers Who Want to Jailbreak the Internet

Autonomous Internet

Meet the Hackers Who Want to Jailbreak the Internet

By Klint Finley

WIRED, 14 August 2013

PORTLAND, OREGON — One guy is wearing his Google Glass. Another showed up in an HTML5 t-shirt. And then there’s the dude who looks like the Mad Hatter, decked out in a top hat with an enormous white flower tucked into the brim.

Click on Image to Enlarge
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At first, they look like any other gaggle of tech geeks. But then you notice that one of them is Ward Cunningham, the man who invented the wiki, the tech that underpins Wikipedia. And there’s Kevin Marks, the former vice president of web services at British Telecom. Oh, and don’t miss Brad Fitzpatrick, creator of the seminal blogging site LiveJournal and, more recently, a coder who works in the engine room of Google’s online empire.

Packed into a small conference room, this rag-tag band of software developers has an outsized digital pedigree, and they have a mission to match. They hope to jailbreak the internet.

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