Article: Disintermediation and Decentralization in Financial Markets

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Disintermediation and Decentralization in Financial Markets

Having premised so much of financial markets regulation on the presumption of intermediation, it may be useful to consider the need for new rules and formal amendments aimed at achieving the longstanding regulatory goals of promoting investor protection, facilitating capital formation by establishing fair and orderly markets, and mitigating risks that disrupt and destabilize markets.

Article: DeFi can help students earn passive income

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DeFi can help students earn passive income

Since the advent of the pandemic, it is only wise that everyone seeks a field where they can effortlessly stack up profits with little to no efforts. This is where Defi comes in, it is a space where students or those in the education space can easily earn profits, commonly referred to as yield, passively. It is important to note that the space comes with its own level of risks but on the flip side, which human endeavor doesn’t?

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Event: Libre Planet 2021


Event: Libre Planet 2021

As you may be aware, this isn’t the first LibrePlanet conference that has taken place entirely online: in 2020, the timing could hardly have been worse, with coronavirus shutdowns in Massachusetts starting the very week that the conference was scheduled. With only a week to scrap plans we had spent most of a year making, the Free Software Foundation (FSF) still managed to pull off a full, vibrant schedule, and livestreamed using only free software thanks to our wildly talented and dedicated tech team, but we knew that with a bit more time to plan, we could do even more. Continue reading “Event: Libre Planet 2021”