Article: Poker Prospers in Blockchain’s Promising Landscape

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Poker Prospers in Blockchain's Promising Landscape – Blockchain Bitcoin NewsPoker Prospers in Blockchain’s Promising Landscape

Online poker was one of the earliest games to join the blockchain framework due to the inherent fairness and equity that accompanies distributed ledger technology, not to mention the legal woes it faced.

Users from all over the world could join these platforms and verifiably trust that their funds would be kept safe. The discretion of using bitcoin to transact didn’t hurt either, given the anonymous nature of this payment method, allowing players restricted by regulation and geography to participate.

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Article: Why We’ve Committed Ourselves to Fighting Online Censorship

Censorship, Deplatforming, Media

Why We’ve Committed Ourselves to Fighting Online Censorship

As these platforms have increasingly become monopolies, their impact on the political future of the country has become far more extensive than current legal remedies were designed to resolve. Google (including its subsidiary, YouTube) can effectively make a website disappear. Twitter and Facebook (including its subsidiaries, such as Instagram and WhatsApp) can become an effective government censorship or propaganda tool—not altogether unlike how social media is leveraged in China. Amazon, as we saw earlier this year, can effectively ban books. 

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