Article: Fintech, Blockchain game changers for SMEs


Fintech, Blockchain game changers for SMEsFintech, Blockchain game changers for SMEs

Dr. Noureddine Lasla, Research Fellow, ICT Division, CSE, HBKU presented a demo of how to develop a decentralized application on Blockchain design for deployment for SMEs.

He said, “The traditional web or mobile application relies on centralized server to manage the business, for example Gmail, twitter, Facebook are hosted on centralized or single server. This kind of architecture has some security drawbacks like privacy concerns, on the other hand Blockchain architecture is completely different – instead of having single server to host all the business application there is distributed set of servers that are connected and communicate with each other in secure manner using Blockchain protocol.

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Article: Building the internet of the future

Decentralized Internet, Web 3.0

Building the internet of the future

The Smart researchers are looking into using so-called semantic data models for handling mobility-related data in the future. Essentially, these models, constructed using promising new techniques that are also used for building the next generation of the internet (Web 3.0), add context-related meaning to the data and the relationships between them. This allows for seamlessly linking and integrating different data sources, which will contribute to a safer and more efficient traffic ecosystem.

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