Article: NFTs Offer Alternative Revenue Source for Asian Musicians

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NFTs Offer Alternative Revenue Source for Asian Musicians

“The xxxx is an NFT” is his second effort. He deliberately experimented with a different platform and another crypto currency, and rather than selling through an auction, he made it available in limited editions. “The key is not to be greedy,” he said.

The experiment could lead to a new movement that would revive the direct relationship between patron and creators that was once prominent in the times of Renaissance, Tan says. Patrons who love one’s creative work are willing to pay a premium for a scarce product, creating a lifeline for artists, he explained.

Tan is working on his next NFT, which is scheduled to release in June. He expects obstacles lie ahead, but says he may be able to set an example for younger musicians.

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Article: Hong Kongers Use Blockchain To Fight Government Censorship

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Hong Kongers Use Blockchain To Fight Government Censorship

The Hong Kong government has already shown that it has no qualms about rewriting history. But, some wondered, would it really go so far as to erase history?

The answer is yes.

Earlier this month, the public broadcaster Radio Television Hong Kong announced that it would begin deleting archive content that is more than a year old. That means programs covering the Hong Kong protests in 2019 will be removed from the RTHK website and social media accounts, as will the broadcaster’s coverage of the political process. It is the latest development in the government’s drive to redesign RTHK as part of its campaign for greater control over the news media.

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Article: The Top 4 Benefits of Dark Fibre Network

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The Top 4 Benefits of Dark Fibre Network

Tenants – or drivers – have their own house – or road – to themselves to design, use, expand, optimise, scale up or down as they see fit. This has big implications for organisations that are fast growing and have ambitions to expand and innovate. In this blog we take a look at the 4 reasons to consider building your enterprise network with Dark Fibre.

  • Better Performance
  • More Secure
  • Future Proof
  • Tech-Agnostic

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Article: MeWe® Appoints Jeffrey Edell as New CEO

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MeWe® Appoints Jeffrey Edell as New CEO

MeWe®, the ad-free social network with data privacy and no newsfeed manipulation, today announces that Jeffrey Edell has been appointed the company’s new CEO and joins its Board of Directors.

“People worldwide are migrating from Facebook, Instagram, and other major platforms to MeWe because it is the social network that respects its members as customers to serve and delight, not data to share, target, or manipulate. MeWe has achieved remarkable growth with zero paid marketing or member acquisition costs. I am thrilled to lead the company as we position for rapid growth by expanding our marketing efforts and product offerings, bringing on the world’s most compelling content creators, and growing our team to welcome millions of new members in the months ahead,” says Edell.

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Article: Myanmar Protesters Turn to Obscure Apps to Avoid Detection

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Downloads of Tor, an open-source network that thoroughly anonymizes data, surged, too.

Myanmar citizens also embraced lesser-known software like Bridgefy, which bypasses the internet altogether by using Bluetooth to wirelessly send messages to other users of the app within a certain range. Another tool that was widely shared: Mysterium Network, which says it offers the privacy of Tor with the speed of a traditional VPN.

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Article: Myanmar citizens find ways around crackdown on internet

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File picture: PexelsMyanmar citizens find ways around crackdown on internet

hundreds of thousands of protesters and citizens in Myanmar are finding different ways to communicate online, downloading tools to bypass censorship restrictions and turning to alternative media sources and underground networks, according to new research.

They have moved to a mirror site of Facebook on the dark web, used apps that rely on Bluetooth technology to continue messaging each other and turned to lesser known social media platforms to stay connected, according to Recorded Future Inc., a closely held cybersecurity firm based near Boston.

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Article: DeFi Should Look Beyond Tech Hubs for Growth

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DeFi Should Look Beyond Tech Hubs for Growth

If we want DeFi to become a functional standard and create a blueprint that works, we need to stop focusing on tech hubs that already have banking solutions and look to places that need the support dapps provide. Enthusiasts may innovate, but it’s consumers who truly push new products to market success. In this context, a remote farming village would be a more arable place for the DeFi revolution to grow – we just need to scatter the seeds.

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Article: Beyond Crypto: Getting Back To The Basics Of Blockchain

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BlockchainBeyond Crypto: Getting Back To The Basics Of Blockchain

Despite the hoopla surrounding blockchain-based investments, the goal of the technology is quite simple: to provide a secure record of transactions. Blockchains are basically super-secure ledgers that store encrypted sets of letters and numbers known as hashes in a chain of other transactions. The transactions are validated by all other computers involved with the chain, are time-stamped, and are virtually incorruptible due to the fact that the hashes from one block are contained in the previous block, which is linked to the block before it, and so on.

Those characteristics certainly make blockchain ideal for financial transactions, and banks could employ the system to bring greater speed, security and transparency to their operations. But banks have been slow to take up blockchain — instead, the technology is emerging in other, somewhat surprising industries.

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