Article: Fixing the internet will require a cultural shift

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Fixing the internet will require a cultural shift

Education in public interest technology is more than just extra computer science courses. It involves interdisciplinary courses that focus on the broader impacts of technology — on personal freedom, on communities, on economics, etc. — with the purpose of developing the critical thinking needed to make informed choices about technology.

And students are hungry for these courses and the skills they offer. Students who have taken courses and clinics in public interest technology are better positioned to be knowledgeable next-generation policymakers, public servants, and business professionals who may design and determine how tech services are developed and products are used. With an understanding of how technology works and how it impacts the common good, they can better promote a culture of tech in the public interest, rather than tech opportunism.

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Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton : Spacial Web Toxicity

Borg-Like Evil

yep. no mention of the strategy to ensure that people can verify the safety and correctness of the hardware let alone the software.

the mention of blockchain simply confirms the complete lack of knowledge on the author’s part.

the *only* way that this can be explored safely, and i hesitate even to say that, is if it is entirely libre hardware and libre software.

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