Article: Don’t Let Them Kill Digital Assets

Crypto, Web 3.0

Don’t Let Them Kill Digital Assets

The large caveat here is geography. In many countries, innovators like LBRY are free to thrive, even if they do need to take special care not to accept U.S. users.

So try as they might, this won’t stop the revolution. It will simply chase it offshore. Web 3.0, the internet of value, is at this point inevitable. Even LBRY will move forward, regardless of the outcome of this case.

Perhaps someday soon, U.S. citizens will need to use a virtual private network (VPN) in order access large swathes of the internet, just like the Chinese do. Oh, wait…It’s already happening.

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Article: Blockchain And Web 3.0 Investing

Blockchain, Web 3.0

uncaptionedBlockchain And Web 3.0 Investing

For investment purposes, blockchains are best understood as the building blocks for new open-source value transfer protocols and “digital vending machines” dispensing services previously only offered by finance industry professionals. Unlike the pre-existing internet protocols, which were limited to the transfer of information, blockchain-based protocols enable the peer-to-peer transfer of value. The latter can drastically reduce the need for intermediaries and middleware.

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