Article: Baltimore City Schools expands bandwidth for students, teachers

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Baltimore City Schools expands bandwidth for students, teachers

Helping students and teachers stay online has been a challenge for school districts across the state. Most cite a lack of bandwidth used to transfer data from one point to another.

The school system has invested in what’s called dark fiber or the laying of dark fiber lines across the city. It will allow for faster and stronger internet signals in schools.

“I’d liken it to the equivalent of going from one lane on a highway, so we are at one gig right now. Once we actualize all the work and it’s completed, we go to 10 gigs, so just imagine us going from one lane to 10 lanes,” Rading said.

“Broadband is very critical to education,” said Kendrick Gordon, director of the Office of Statewide Broadband. “What we have done is made a lot of progress in identifying needs and now we’re starting to address those needs, so we’ve come a long ways as far as our understanding what our needs are.”

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Article: Infographic: The rise of Bitcoin

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Infographic: The rise of BitcoinInfographic: The rise of Bitcoin

It stayed relatively quiet for some time until there was a specific transaction that put it on the scene — Pizza Day in 2010 where someone paid 10,000 BTC for two pizzas (that would be over $557 million at the writing of this article). While there were then some ups and downs, Bitcoin didn’t hit the stratosphere until 2017, when it jumped from $1,000 to over $19,000. The year 2018 brought on a big crash, especially with a number of fraudulent ICOs (initial coin offerings).

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