Article: The internet paradigm shift is here: Are you prepared for Web 3.0?

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The internet paradigm shift is here: Are you prepared for Web 3.0?

The Web 3.0 — with all the components of its stack, from networking, computing, storage to end-user applications — is being developed. This new era that embraces freedom, flexibility, accessibility and reliability involves a massive change — a paradigm shift — that will allow users to adopt decentralized and censorship-resistant solutions in order to become self-sovereign. Within the next generation of platforms, computing providers are striving to build open and fairer systems to prepare for this paradigm shift.

Improved technology, user experience and education of users is pertinent to the preparation for the next paradigm shift. Web 3.0 will bring us a fairer internet with uninterrupted services, reduced data breaches and more freedom and capability to run applications anywhere in the world on a decentralized platform. It’s only a matter of time before end users realize the better infrastructure needed to support the digitization of the world — and this next chapter in our human history.

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Article: How to Invest In Cryptocurrencies: Investing in Web3

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How to Invest In Cryptocurrencies: Investing in Web3

Imagine someone told you in the late 1980s that there was this technology (the internet) that would change the way we communicate, work, meet each other, travel, and entertain ourselves, but this future wouldn’t be realised for another 15 years, would you invest in it?

The Web3 age is creating new ways to quantify the value of our time, our attention, our computers and our hard drives. It also helps create opportunities for investors to gain access to tools and services that might have only been available to institutional investors in the fiat world.

Investing in Web3 assets also helps bring about this age, as these projects need support in their early stages to reach critical mass.

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Ty Simpson: How Blockchain Could Create World’s Largest Supercomputer

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Ty Simpson

How blockchain can create the world’s biggest supercomputer

Ben Dickson, Crunch Network

“The biggest challenge for supercomputing is the demand to compress time,” says Jerry Cuomo, vice president of Blockchain for Business at IBM. “Business processes must now be completed at a significantly faster pace than before. The result is that the demand for computing power is increasing exponentially.”

The peer-to-peer nature of the blockchain and distributed ledgers will also help move computation closer to where the data is being generated, and avoid bottleneck round-trips to cloud servers.

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