Martin Geddes: Spacial Web, Hybersense, Human vs. Machine, Right to Bear Avatars

Borg-Like Evil, Human-Centric

The “spatial web” is a different name for the “hypersense” world I described.

We have a choice over whether we want the humans to program the machines or the machines to program the humans. The right to “bear avatars” is the new right to “bear arms” in the hybrid physical/virtual world. Your gun will do you no good if you cannot get into your basement ammo store past the unpowered “smart lock” that needs electricity from the “smart grid” to open…

Martin Geddes: Clear Phone a Web 3.0 Building Block?

Web 3.0

Notable!  A communication from an admirer of our Web 3.0 reflections:

I want you to know about a company in soft launch devoted to decentralization and sovereignty. After 10 years of work they have just introduced the ClearPhone, that allows you to own all your data and does NOT allow tracking and tracing. I just got mine!


“For one monthly payment you get your new Digital Life with all the needed Hardware, Software, Services and more. Plus, the flexibility to cancel after 4 months*.”

Robert Steele: Web 3.0 Informal Steering Group Members 1.0

Web 3.0

I have finalized the Web 3.0 Informal Steering Group for Phase 1.0.  Martin Geddes and Stephen E. Arnold will join me as the informal executive cell that can sign confidentiality and other agreements on behalf of my new company Open Source Everything, Inc. Our public website will be which will be a subset of a larger website to press forward on Open Source Everything Engineer (OSEE).

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Martin Geddes: Web 3.0 Bluetooth Mesh Possibilities

Autonomous Internet

Reflecting on Steven Vervaecke: Berty & Scuttlebutt — Mesh Messaging No Internet Web 3.0 Foundation Layer?

I agree that the current use case is small, but it can be seen as a crucible for learning about fully decentralised networking.

Technologies like RINA (more of a meta-technology as it is an architecture framework) would allow us to build bridges between these “islands of connectedness” in new ways that can be secured and scaled better than in the past. Furthermore, the current cloud model seems grossly mismatched to the needs for local and portable identity storage.

Today’s Internet is the “MS-DOS of packet data”, and it is these corner cases that are where the “Windows” will emerge from.

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Robert Steele: Web 3.0 – Call For Inputs

Web 3.0

We have finalized our Alpha group and are talking to investors about Beta.  Below is the outline for the interview I will be doing with Martin Geddes later this morning. I invite anyone believing they should be in the Beta group to submit to me their text responses to these questions in a manner that shows added value apart from what Alpha group already knows.  Alpha members are listed at the end. Feel free to work through them, we plan to organize this the way Torvalds did.

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Steven Vervaecke: One Way to Create Your Own Web 3.0 Server Plus Comments

Web 3.0

I have talked extensively about the fediverse, the decentral web, FAAMG alternatives and big tech censorship. My blogs offer a compelling overview and I have done work & stories for Robert David Steele about the decentral web. So you may ask yourself, after all this talk about going decentral and web 3.0, how do you do it Steven? This guide is meant to give an answer to that. And I will try to get as clear and as dummy-proof as I can get. This is intended to be a one-stop shop from A to Z. I might forget a thing or two along the way so this will probably receive some updates in the near future.

Create your own Web 3.0 server : One way to do it

Comments on the Concept Below the Fold

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Martin Geddes: Web 3.0 Not – The Inconvenience of “Termination for Convenience” (or Ideological Bias or Teen-Age Angst or Deep State Direction)

Web 3.0

The inconvenience of “termination for convenience”

I wish to highlight a serious ethical and practical issue we all face when using cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) applications — especially for “controversial” writing and audio/video content. It is a summary of what I have learned after I have been “deplatformed” suddenly by Medium in March of 2019, and Mailchimp in March of 2020.

There are four parts to this article:

  • Summary of “termination for cause” versus “termination for convenience” contractual terms
  • The impact on me of deplatforming as a statement of historical fact
  • A brief review of the terms of some select email marketing platforms
  • My recommendation for policy makers looking at remedying the injustices and power imbalances inherent in this issue

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Defdog: Attack On Parler A Criminal Conspiracy? Update

Advanced Cyber I/O

Sure looks like a Deep State conspiracy.

k33p !7 m0v!n@bitburner


This group of Internet Warriors then used that account, to create a handful of other ADMINISTRATION accounts, and then created a script that ended up creating MILLIONS of fake administration accounts.”   Source & related images of text
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