Article: Windows Versus Linux: An Honest Review

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Windows Versus Linux: An Honest Review

You see, the common misconception with Linux is that it’s something only computer gurus, geeks, and coders can use. Many people think that the only reason you’d use a Linux-based Operating System is for hacking purposes. The other misconception is that a Linux-based Operating System is so much different than Windows or Mac that you’d spend all your time learning something new.

All of this I’ve found to be untrue, by a long shot. Yet fear – fear of the unknown is what keeps many from trying it.

What is truly interesting about the Linux Community is the vastness of options. When I discovered that I had a choice, that I wasn’t stuck with something I didn’t enjoy, it was like my eyes were opened to a brand new world that I never knew existed. Plus if I didn’t like one, I could just download another distro and try it out. If something wasn’t stable or fast enough, no problem. Why? Because I had options.

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Article: A cure for copyright ills? NFTs promise to empower creative economies


A cure for copyright ills? NFTs promise to empower creative economies

NFTs’ main value proposition is that by creating a unique, blockchain-backed record of each unit of creative work, they can not just encode the sense of its authenticity and scarcity but also enable artists to lay down and enforce the rules around copyright transfer, usage and monetization. G-J van Rooyen, co-founder of blockchain content protection firm Custos Media Technologies, commented to Cointelegraph:

“First, NFTs allow us to securely trace the transfer of rights — in the same way as a Bitcoin payment securely traces the transfer of funds. Second, NFTs can provide perpetual support to creators. For example, an NFT could specify that creators should be rewarded each time an asset is resold at a higher value.”

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Article: MathChain: Build the Blockchain Infrastructure for Mass Adoption

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MathChain release whitepaper v2 and roadmapMathChain: Build the Blockchain Infrastructure for Mass Adoption

The final blueprint of blockchain is like many interconnected cities, where each city will gradually develop its own ecosystem and residents, as well as have its own governance system. The MATH Global Foundation believes that MathChain will be the first stop for ordinary users entering the blockchain world.

“We believe that MathChain will be the bridge between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, lowering the barriers for new crypto users and also rebuilding the basic infrastructure of wallets, appstores, and “datastores” in the new Web 3.0 metaverse,” says MathWallet CTO Eric Yu.

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Article: Ford and BMW back blockchain solution for avoiding car fraud

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Ford, BMW To Fight Car Fraud With Blockchain Tech | Coinlist.meFord and BMW back blockchain solution for avoiding car fraud

Blockchain birth certificates for vehicles will provide an immutable record of a car’s identity and maintenance history

Buying a car can be a risky business when there are unscrupulous sellers out there who use scams such as car cloning and fiddling with the odometer. But these practices could be a thing of the past thanks to blockchain vehicle identities.

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Yoda: Open Source is the New Normal in Data & Analytics


Dead, dead, dead — secret, stovepipe, proprietary.

Open Source Is The New Normal In Data and Analytics

I’ve argued for a while now that we’re at or near a data tipping point beyond which lies a new world where companies analyze many fundamentally new types of data in real-time and use it to make business decisions that were previously impossible.

But after all tipping points, there are winners and losers. I believe in this case, the winners will share one really important quality: a deliberate choice in favor of leveraging open source technologies at the heart of their modern data architecture.

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