Article: Why it’s time to veer towards an Open Web

Decentralized Internet, Web 3.0

Why it’s time to veer towards an Open Web

The decentralised ecosystem is not a dream anymore, it’s a reality and the world over there is a call for an ecosystem that encourages privacy. One that does not give away control of the web to a handful, rather make the web a democratic place for users to consume and share information and content.

The Open Web, which is an ecosystem that every independent website is a part of, has close to 350 million websites that get 250 billion visits month on month. The leading apps, however, garner only about 20 billion users, but still manage to grab our attention with the user experience they offer. Now, with a better user experience, there is a potential for a unified open web to take on the big tech and make the web the democratic space that it should be.

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Article: Firework’s leading Web 3.0

Blockchain, Media, Web 3.0

Firework’s leading Web 3.0

With Firework, you have a chance to deliver an experience that is similar to that of a social media, without really having to develop anything that creates a dent on your budgets. Firework upgrades simple websites and transforms them to mobile friendly web assets that deliver app-like seamlessness and immersive experience, powers the website with vertical short video storytelling capability with an unmatchable e-commerce experience that drives business revenue and consumer delight.

Web 3.0 is certainly about decentralised internet that will democratise the web. However, if businesses fail to offer an upgraded user experience then the might socials will continue to dictate the digital economy and the open web will cease to exist.

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