Article: Bitcoin is green technology

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Bitcoin is green technology

Is Bitcoin a wasteful use of energy?

Of course not! Every system has financial and ecological costs, but how many systems are measuring practical ROI?

People focus on Bitcoin’s consumption, but not Visa’s, for example. Have you considered what Bitcoin can create per kilowatt compared to what the centralized economy can do with the same kilowatt? All systems have consumption which is repurposed in the attempt to create extra value so that efficiencies can be sold to the world in order to make profit. But the real question should be if there’s more profit to be made by using Bitcoin as a tool for efficiency rather than other existing solutions.

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Article: Busting Bitcoin myths: 7 misconceptions about the cryptocurrency

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Busting Bitcoin myths: 7 misconceptions about the cryptocurrency

Bitcoin’s recent surge has reawakened old animus in the media. “The trouble with Bitcoin: Why the crypto craze can’t last,” read a recent headline in the Globe and Mail, a Canadian newspaper.

To be sure, Bitcoin can be polarizing. Bitcoin diehards claim the cryptocurrency will soon replace gold, all government-backed money, and credit cards, as well as turn the banking system on its head. Rational exuberance aside, that is unlikely to happen, at least in the short term. On the flip side, media critics often badly mischaracterize Bitcoin as nothing more than a speculative tool, an environmental disaster, a bubble, or worse.

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