Article: Is the quintessential alternative to Google Play safe?

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Is the quintessential alternative to Google Play safe?

Safety: the source code of these applications is available to everyone, so we can see what he wants to do and discover if it harbors any malicious intent. Privacy: these applications are aimed at protecting users’ private data, which they will not be sold or done business with. Quality: there is a false feeling that free applications are of poorer quality, but that is not the case. They may not be aesthetically so pretty, but they do count with the same functions, or even more, than proprietary applications. Free: all the applications present in F-Droid are free and have no in-app purchases or subscriptions. Some developers accept donations, but many of them simply want publicize their creation and that it can be useful to users.

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Steven Vervaecke: BigTech Imploding, Web 3.0 Reliable Alternative App Stores

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Google continues its crusade: Minds next? Google sends ‘24 hour warning’ to free-speech ‘anti-Facebook’ platform, forces changes to app

Everyone should get their apps on these app stores: F-Droid, APKmirror, Aptoide, Aurora Store, Humble Bundle , Uptodown, GetJar, SlideME

Dave Sachs was right all the non big tech options are being pushed into the Web3.0 sphere if this keeps up/ Big tech is killing themselves instead of Parler.