Article: Taking a bite out of hunger

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Taking a bite out of hunger

Net proceeds from the NFT sales will be donated to the not for profit Boys & Girls Clubs of America, to fund hunger-focused programs and bring nutritious food to cities across the US.

Dole global president Pier-Luigi Sigismondi said the company had sought out Datuna because it knew it could not provide access to good nutrition for 1 billion people alone.

“To create systemic change, we need to converge purpose with creativity, innovation and technology. This effort is the best representation of how we want to make a difference in this world,” Sigismondi said.

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Article: Beyond Crypto: Getting Back To The Basics Of Blockchain

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BlockchainBeyond Crypto: Getting Back To The Basics Of Blockchain

Despite the hoopla surrounding blockchain-based investments, the goal of the technology is quite simple: to provide a secure record of transactions. Blockchains are basically super-secure ledgers that store encrypted sets of letters and numbers known as hashes in a chain of other transactions. The transactions are validated by all other computers involved with the chain, are time-stamped, and are virtually incorruptible due to the fact that the hashes from one block are contained in the previous block, which is linked to the block before it, and so on.

Those characteristics certainly make blockchain ideal for financial transactions, and banks could employ the system to bring greater speed, security and transparency to their operations. But banks have been slow to take up blockchain — instead, the technology is emerging in other, somewhat surprising industries.

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